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韓国の新たなる泥棒国家伝説 part3


Key passage:

Buseoksa temple has begun propaganda. Its purpose is justifying for their embezzlement. They held a press conference in Japan, and asked Kan-nonji temple for a meeting. The controversial statue was stolen from this temple. But they were refused.

While visiting Japan, they were enraging many local residents and other Japanese with their thoughtless languages and behaviors.

For example,
"What we worry about the most is damaging relations between Korea and Japan."
"I wish Kan-nonji temple had dropped an earthly desire and had followed the teachings of Buddaha."

As a result, not a few events has been affcted.
For example, Baekje Exhibition has been canceled. This exhibition was planned to be held in Japan and Korea with the cultural properties of the two nations. But Japanese owner of proprties was afraid that his properties never come back safe and sound once on Korea. "Korea is a theft nation".
This became a matter of public knowledge. No longer hear any one says "That is discrimination or prejudice against Korean people".
要 約:

浮石寺側のプロパガンダが始まった。その目的は、仏像盗難に乗じての横領を正当化をはかることである。 彼らは日本で記者会見を行い、盗難被害 にあった日本の観音寺に面会を要求したが、拒否された。



これにより、様々な催事、行事が影響を受けた。例えば百済展。日韓の文化財を持ちより、 両国で展示を行う計画だったが中止となった。 日本の出展者が「文化財が韓国へ行ったら戻ってこないのでは」と懸念したからだ。
これはごく当たり前の認識となった。今や 「韓国への差別だ」「偏見だ」とは誰も言わない。
(Previous articles part 1 part 2)

From Japanese temple, Korean theft ring stole the Buddhist statues and brought them in Korea. They were arrested, and Buddhist statues were confiscated. According to the international treaty, this should be returned to Japan. But Korean public opinions are always based on hatred of Japan. Its court was also servile to them, and stop the statue to be returnd.
Buseoksa temple in Korea is going to embezzle this statue under favor of this theft. Then they began their propaganda based in their instincts.
((前回まで)part 1 part 2)

韓国人窃盗団が日本の寺より仏像を盗み、韓国へ持ち込みました。彼らは逮捕され、 仏像は押収されました。仏像は、国際条約により返還すべ きも のですが、憎日世論とそれに媚びる裁判所により、事実上差し止められました。
この機に乗じて仏像の横領を企む韓国の浮石寺は、彼らの本能に従い、プロパガンダを 始めたのです。

Buseoksa group coming to Japan
  - The priests of Buseoksa temple
  - A former Diet member (Why?)
  - A member of a civic group (Why?)

  - 浮石寺所属の僧
  - 前国会議員(なぜ?)
  - 市民グループのメンバー(なぜ?)
1.The abusive language came out of "Buseoksa's mouth".

The Korean priest of Buseoksa sent his agent, who was the other priest to Japan in june,2013. Somehow a former Diet member, a member of a civic group is also traveling with him. The agent held a press conference and read the letter from the priest of Buseoksa and made comments by himself. Their purpose is justifying their embezzlement.

1. 次々に飛び出す浮石寺側の暴言

仏像の横領を企む浮石寺の住職は、2013年6月、他の僧を代理人として日本へ差し向けました。なぜか前国会議員、市民団体のメンバーも 同行 しました。代理人は、日本で記者会見まで開き、浮石寺の住職の手紙を読み上げ、自らも意見しました。目的は自らの横領行為の正当化です。

The priest(agent) of Buseoksa temple said what was unbelievable at a press conference.

So what they began was nothing other than propaganda. What he said in this conference was unbelievable.
"What I worry about the most is that this theft will make deteriorate bilateral relations between Korea and Japan."
"Soon I want to visit Kan-non-ji temple to form a bond with this temple. We believe to be able to understand many things and sympathize with each other."
"It is also true that we hope the Buddhist statue returns its first place."
(What is he saying?)

If they really worry about the relation of two nations, they should stop embezzling the statue. If they really want to get along with Kan-nonji temple, they should cooperate with Kan-nonji temple.
It's very very easy.

This temple is dead because they are deadly serious about making such childish propaganda. No Japanese would think Buseoksa is a normal temple.
The representative of Kan-nonji temple, who was asked for a meeting, was angry and said, "They are just performing propaganda because they want to justify for their embezzlement". He is Mr. Tanaka, the former priest of this temple.
「(仏像が) 最初の居場所に戻ることを切実に願っているのも事実」

日韓関係の悪化が本当に心配なら、仏像の横領をやめればいいのです。観音寺と本当に仲良くなりたいのなら観音寺に協力すればいいのです。 とて もとても簡単なことです。


The former priest(representative) of Kan-nonji temple, Mr. Tanaka was also angry to hear that Korean groundless assusation that the statue had been pirated by Japanese pirates.

As a matter of fact, he is one of the persons who has promoted friendly cooperation with Korea in this prefecture.
The group of Buseoksa temple called on Kan-non-ji temple, but the representative, Tanaka was absent. The agent could not meet him, and left there.
By the way, the group of Buseoksa tried to give Kan-nonji something as presents "instead of a stolen statue". These were a tiny Buddhist statue and two mascot dolls, which cost not more than 1,000yen! What do they think about what they are doing?
After leaving Kan-nonji temple, the agent of Buseoksa said what is more unblievable.
"I wish Kan-nonji temple had dropped earthly desire and had followed the teachings of Buddaha."


Two mascot dolls which the agent of Buseoksa brought. Do not do unnecessary things・・・

I want them to close their mouths. In case you don't know, these words were gotten out by the groupe of Buseoksa, one of the persons who would openly embezzle the statue. The representatave of Kan-nonji temple, Tanala says, "I realized again that that nation was devoid of common sense. After stealing the statue, they asserted it was theirs. Such quibbles are the same as what North Korea says about their abductions of Japanese nationals." But then we can hardly hear Korean government or mainstream media raises a question about the group of Buseoksa. Frankly speaking, we can not communicate with mentally troubled-persons or the people who support them. And I say again that it's not the first time we have seen such problems.

2. Korea is widely recognized as "a thief nation".

Though many Korean tourists visit this district, Tsushima, its local people are filled with rage against Korea. The local chamber of commerce decided to remove the name of "Ariran" from the name of their festival. This chamber is the organizer of this festival.

This festival was originally their local festival named "Izuhara minato matsuri", but over 30 years ago this was renamed "Izuhara minato matsuri tsushima Ariran festival". After that Korean envoys' parade appeared in this festival. The Korean envoys were sent to Edo from Korea during Edo era. Actually these were envoys for paying tribute to Japan. But in the hands of Korean people, their delusional historical view makes these envoys the embassy who "came to give Japan their culture". It is true some Japanese of the day respected their knowledge of Chinese culture, but these envoys did some questionable things and caused frictions. They were very notorious for stealing many equipments from inns. They stole hanging scrolls. eating utensils and futons. At one time, one of them caused trouble by stealing a chicken from common people. Now we can see many TV receivers are chained at many inns in Tsushima where many Korean tourists visit. Many equipments are often stolen even now. It's true blood will tell.
もう勘弁して欲しい。 念のために言っておきますが、これを言っているのは仏像を公然と横領しようとしている浮石寺の側なのです。観音寺の代表者、田中氏は言います。 「常識が通用しない国なんだ と再認識した。盗み出して、そのまま自分の物だと主張するへ理屈は、北朝鮮による日本人拉致事件と同じですよ」。それにしてもこの韓国人の僧の言動や、一連の事件について の韓国政府、そして韓国メディアによる疑問の声はほとんど聞かれません。 率直に言って精神を病んだ人々やそれを支持する人々とは意思の疎通はできません。そして繰り返しますが、この種の問題は初めてではないので す。


地元に渦巻いているのは韓国に対する激しい怒りです。韓国人観光客の多い土地ですが、 地元の商工会では地元の祭りの名称から「アリラン」を外すことに決めました。商工会はこの祭の主催者です。この祭りは元々地元の祭りで厳原港まつりと言いました。

しかし、30年以上前に「厳原港まつり対馬アリラン祭」 と改名され、その後朝鮮通信使の行列が加わりました。この朝鮮通信使とは、江戸時代 に朝鮮から江戸に派遣されていた使節ですが、実際には体のいい朝貢使節でした。しかし韓国側の妄想的な歴史観にかかると、「日本に文化を与えに来た」使節となってしまうの です。実際には中国の文物やそれについての知識は一部では珍重されてはいましたが、旅館から備品を盗んでい くの でたいそう評判が悪かったのです。 掛け軸や食器、布団を盗んで行きました。またある時には庶民から鶏を泥棒し、大騒動になりました。現在、韓国人が多く訪れる対馬の旅館ではTVがチェーンで繋がれていま す。現在でも備品の盗難が多発しているのです。誠に血は争えないものです。

"Korean envoys who stole chickens from common man and got into a fight"
This work belongs to Kyoto University

As Isabella Bird wrote, Yangban ( Korean aristocracy ) of the time often extort anything from common people at will. They bereaved even girls or wives. Then these Yangban tried to do the same thing in Japan. We may consider this as cultural friction, but I see their cultural ruin and spiritual deterioration have been accumulated from this time.

イザベラ・バードも書いているが、当時の両班(朝鮮貴族)はしばしば庶民から気ままにものを強奪した。妻や娘を取り上げることもあった。 この両班どもも日本で同じことをしようとした。文化の摩擦と言えなくもないが、 精神的な荒廃、堕落はこの時代から積み重なってきたと思える。
Back to the Korean envoys' parade in this festival, "Izuhara minato matsuri tsushima Ariran festival". This parade appared every year in this festival, but this was also canceled. Fundamentally this parade was born from Korean narcissism based on their delusional history, So this parade was a vomity one which pandered Korean people. And this was desided just like that..
This incident had an affect on another event, too. "Paekche Exhibition" had been scheduled in 2014, but now(2013/6) this is expected to be cancelled. This exhibition was planned to be held in some cities of Japan and Korea with the properties of the two nations. But Japanese owner of cultural proprties was afraid that his properties never come back safe and sound once on Korea. "Korea is a theft nation". This became a matter of public knowledge. This exhibition was planned to be held at some cities in Japan and Korea. The cultural properties in this exhibition were to be offered by both the Japanese and Korean owners. But Japanese owner was afraid that his properties never come back safe and sound once on Korea.

No longer hear any one says "That is discrimination or prejudice against Korean people"."Korea is a theft nation". This became a matter of public knowledge.
さて、話を戻します。この祭りで恒例だった朝鮮通信使の行列の中止も決まりました。 もともと朝鮮人側の妄想的な歴史的ナルシシズムの産物であり、朝鮮人に媚びるような気持ち悪い出し物であっただけにすんなり決まったようです。 さらに別の影響もありました。日本と韓国が合同で行う予定の「百済展」が中止される見通しとなりました。この催しは、日韓にある 百済関係の文化財を日本と韓国で公開するものですが、日本側の出展者から、「韓国へ出展したら二度と戻ってこないのではないか」ともっともな 不安が聞かれたからです。

今や「それは韓国に対する偏見だ」「差別だ」などという人はおりません。遅きに失したきらいはありますが、韓国はようやく国内で泥棒国家 とし て公知されることになったのです。

In the festival of this year, island's people enjoyed a costume parede by themselves, carrying of miniature shrines(Mikoshi) by children and hula dance. It was rounded out with 3,000 fieworks. Yamamoto Hiromi, the President of the promotion association which hosted this festival said, "In this situation, we have to stop Korean envoys` parade. But that's good enough because the festival is not for praising Korea. We do best to hold the ordinary local festival which the residents of Tushima can enjoy.".

今年の祭りは、 島民の仮装行列や子供神輿、フラダンスなどを楽しみ、3000発の花火がフィナーレを飾った。 祭りを主催する振興会の山本博己会長は「今の状況では通信使行列はやめざるを得ない。 別に韓国をたたえる祭りじゃないんだからいいじゃない。 対馬の人が楽しめる普通の田舎祭りを精いっぱいやりますよ。」と語った。

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