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The "Hate" nation constructed by "Hate" education



Key passage:
Korean government imprints hatred(hate) toward Japanese in their children through public education, which makes Korean sociaty have disease. This "
Hate education" directly or indirectly causes many problems between Japan and Korea - many political problems and culture stealing problems. It also causes many brutal crimes and propaganda, which suffer and injure many Japanese.

Some Japanese, including myself, know this situation more or less. Then we are mistrustful of Korean people and sometimes criticize them strongly.

Such activities are sometimes mistakenly believed to be based on racism, but I want the people of third-party nations to know about Korean "
Hate education" before it.

Korean "Hate education" is also an education to train racists itself, and after all we Japanese only defend ourselves against their hatred and racism.



  こうした事情を多少なりとも知る日本人は、彼らに不信感を持ち、ときに強く批判する。これを人種差別と 誤解されることもあるが、第三国の方にはその前に韓国の"
ヘイト教育"のことを知って もらいたい。

韓国のヘイト教育こそレイシズム教育であり、日本人は、結局は憎悪とレイシズムから自分たちを守っているに 過ぎないからだ。

1. "The Koreans who are glad at others' misfortune are hardly human."

This video was posted on youtube by a Korean, when one year has just passed after the Great East Japan Earthquake.


All Japanese be killed in an earthquake


○ Japanese

○ English


I wrote what this Korean said.

"Hi, Japanese, good evening. Have you already contaminated by the nuclear? It's very frightening. When a powerful earthquake will strike Tokyo just a little longer, will you be killed?( laugh) That's great! I often imagine I am killing Japanese. I thought I would not kill Japanese really. This race will commit suicide. Oh... that feels good. Then I will enjoy it, watching reconstruction of Japan from now on. Die in a moment, Japanese people."

It seemed that Korean people have delight in showing their sadistic willingness to damage Japanese, deadly hatred against Japanese, and withering contempt for Japanese. And they seem to have a misunderstanding as if public declare such willingness were heroic acts.

Then I can't take this only that an imprudent Korean just did a stupid thing.

Because we have seen such things again and again. For example, when the soccer clubs of Japan and Korea had a game in Japan on September 2011, Korean group hanged a banner at the stadium which said, "We celebrate a huge earthquake in Japan”.

「ハ〜イ 日本人たちよ、こんばんは。あなたは既に、被爆されているんですか? え〜 ホントに怖いねえ。 もう直ぐ東京にも 大地震が発生して、もう死んでしまうのですか?(小笑) あ〜 それだと良かったです。 私は人を殺すことを想像し?頻繁にすれば? その存在が日本人でした。私は実際に日本人を殺すことはないと 思った。自分で 自滅してくれるんだな、この?民族は。 あ〜気持ちいい。それでは これから日本の復興を ずっと見守りながら、楽しんでまいります。一瞬で?死んでください、日本人の皆さん。」

どうも韓国人は日本人に対するサディスティックな加害の意思や、精一杯の憎しみ、侮蔑の意思を表明することに 喜びを見出す性癖があるようです。また、こうして公然とその意図を表明することを一種の英雄的行為だと 勘違いしているようです。


 というのは、これまで何度もあったことだからです。例えば昨年9月、日本で開かれた日韓のクラブの試合で、 韓国人団体がスタンドに「日本の大地震をお祝います(原文ママ)」という横断幕を掲げました。

They openly injured and damaged disaster victims and others mentally and showed their activity. This indicates their distorted heroism from sick minds.

Ito Junko, a Japanese journalist based in Korea was writing the episode when Hanshin Earthquake occurred.

When Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred, a teacher late shift watching satellite broadcasting called up his English school. "It's a crisis! Kobe is burning !" a western teacher sympathized, but from Korean students, comments like "That's so bright!" and "They received divine punishment" were expressed continuously and openly. One teacher raged so much that she revealed she had Japanese lineage at the moment. Another American teacher who had a Japanese wife raged and shouted "The Koreans who are glad at others' misfortune are hardly human". On this day, news vendors in subway sold newspapers, shouting "Good news".

--From "Korean Nationalism as a Disease"

2. A "
Hate education" and an ailing society

When I write "Korean people ...", some people may want to say "Some Korean people are different.". But at least Korean government has been instilling hatred in their children against Japanese in public education. Look at these pictures. Korean teachers have been making their children paint such pictures for many years.


大地震に遭った不幸な隣人に同情を示す西洋人教師に対し、韓国人学生からは「日本人はいい気味だ」「天誅だ」などと いう発言が公然とされた。 日本人の血が混じる女性教師は怒りのあまり、その場で自分の出自を初めて明らかにした。 これまた日本人の妻をもつアメリカ人教師は激怒しながら、

--「病としての韓国ナショナリズム」 伊東順子著 洋泉社  2001年10月



Children's works were put up in a public place, the subway station.

I will fire nuclear missile at Japan!

Japan is excrement from Korean Penisula.

Japan's funeral

See here

There are two things that Korean government is imprinting in their children before teaching their fabricated history. One thing is hatred for Japanese. The other is disdain for Japanese. That is to say, sense of discrimination against Japanese. They are imprinting hatred in infant minds. At the same time, the willingness to harm is also imprinted. In many nations, children do painting for emotional education. But in this nation, the themes of emotional education are hatred and disdain for Japanese. Hatred for Japanese is essential to their ethnic education. It's no exaggeration to say that hatred for Japanese is one of their ethnic identities. Is it natural for some Japanese to keep watch on them?

I think you have heard of “Anti-Japan education”, but their education is visceral "
Hate education". Such emotions imprinted often last throughout life. Briefly this nation increase many psychopaths with taxpayers' money year after year.

I also agree that some Korean people are “different”. But once one of "different" Korean people expresses his opinion, he becomes a subject to exclusion and persecution in their society full of hatred for Japanese.

I’ll give an example of a "different" Korean person.
He has once talked about his raw hatred for Japanese shortly after Great Hanshin Earthquake.

To us, Japanese are merely targets of hate. Even when I saw someone speaking Japanese, I was much annoyed. Then when Great Hanshin Earthquake was occurred in 1995, I frankly felt a great pleasure, and published on internet a computed total damage from this disaster.

At that time, a Japanese junior high school asked me "Why are Koreans so pleased at this disaster while we lamented our relations' death." I gave a response "You suffered punishment from heaven because of your crime".

--From Magazine "SAPIO" (2002/7/24) by Kim Wansop (the author of "In Defense of the New Pro-Japanese")

At a later time, this person realized the history he learned was fabricated, and knew he had no reason to hate Japanese. He had a very strong sense of justice, and could not keep still about it. He tried to enlighten other Korean people on real history and spoke for Japanese in his book. But in the result, this Korean, Kim Wansop was excluded from Korean society, and was persecuted in various ways.

Sadly, many people but he can not overcome their hatred imprinted in childhood through later intellectual study. And an ailing society often mistakenly attack normal cells, misunderstanding they were abnormal.(see this)

So, Korean society is an ailing society. Frankly speaking, there is not much curative potential on its own. This is not surprising. Because their new children are brought up by hatred and disdain one after another.

3. Japanese also have the right to defend themselves

I'll get back to talking about first motion picture. In the BBS of Korea, many Korean people highly praise the author. "I want you to be Korean President." "He is An Chung-gun* of today." They are bashing Japanese in reverse. "Though Korea helped Japan at earthquake, Japanese are ingratitude."

The Korean was identified as the young man who has once stayed in Japan. He was forcibly returned to Korea on drug crimes. Some people say, he has once posted such a message as following when Filipino people were suffering from flood disaster.

"Die, Filipino monkeys by flooding caused by typhoon."

I guess that's a good possibility. The hatred imprinted in him is an emotion which he has been familiar with for long years, and is continually finding floodgates other than Japan or Japanese.

Recently, a Korean songwriter's racist rant against an African-American become a problem. We have seen such problems again and again, but it's not surprising for me. (See Jenny Hyun, songwriter for SNSD & Chocolat, is a racist psychopath) 

That's enough, I think. We should not take this as only struggle between two ethnic groups.

I can't welcome such opinions (It’s only struggle between two ethnic) shown by the people of third-party nations. Because such opinions distance one ailing society far away from normal one.

The people, who were instilled hatred against Japanese in public education, bring cumulative evils on Japan or Japanese day by day. They frequently commit brutal crimes in Japan - burglaries, rapes and others. They try to steal Japan culture and cause.Kumdo problem and others. Those are not the only problems.“
Hate education” is also the background factor behind many political problems. They lack a feeling of guilt about committing brutal crimes, stealing cultures and making unreasonable political demands. Rather, they may recognize harmful acts as heroic ones. The posted messages praise the author of the motion picture on BBS in Korea says all.

Is it unreasonable for us(some japanese) to be mistrustful of Korean people and sometimes to criticize them strongly?

Some Japanese are really injured only by this motion picture. We Japanese are afraid that my family and friends may be injured. Our mistrusts and criticism are sometimes mistakenly believed to be based on racism, but I want the people of third-party nations to know about Korean "
Hate education" before it.

Because Korean "
Hate education" is also an education to train racists itself, and after all we Japanese only defend ourselves against their hatred and racism, whether we are conscious or not.

*An Chung-gun
A terrorist who assassinated Ito Hirofumi,the first prime minister of Japan and Resident General of Korea. In fact, Ito was opposed to Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. Then An's activity is regarded as an act of stupidity in North Korea.

P.S. A part of the above was translated by N.C. Thank you.

(4/20)P.S. 2 immediately after I have written above, seven people are killed and three people were wounded at Oikos University Shooting by a Korean resident's shooting.
I should refrain from speculation, but I can't help but feel meaningful coincidence.




ある「そうでない」韓国人の話をしましょう。 彼は阪神大震災の時の、日本人への憎悪を赤裸々に語っていました。




悲しいかな、彼のように子供時代より植え付けられた憎悪を後年の学習により払拭できる人物はそう多くは ありません。また、病んだ社会は正常な細胞の方を、細菌と誤認し追い出そうとするのです( 参照)。



最初の動画へ話を戻します。韓国の掲示板では、「大統領にしたい」「現代の*安重根義士だ!」といった 賞賛の声があがり、「韓国は震災で援助したのに恩知らずな日本人」などと逆バッシングの様相を呈して います。

当の韓国人青年は、身元が判明しています。過去日本へ渡りましたが、薬物犯罪で強制送還となりました。 また、フィリピンが水害のときも


という内容の投稿をしていた ともききます。ありそうな話です。植えつけられた憎悪は、彼にとって慣れ親しんだ感情であり、 日本や日本人以外にも常にそのはけ口を探しているのです。

最近も韓国人作曲家のアフリカ系アメリカ人差別の言動が問題になっており、似たような問題を何度も見て いますが、これも当たり前の話だと思ってます。

(参照Jenny Hyun, songwriter for SNSD & Chocolat, is a racist psychopath)

 もう十分でしょう。これは「日本人と韓国人、二つの民族のいがみ合い」というレベルで考えるべきでは ありません。

そのような認識での第三国からの意見を歓迎しません。片方の病んだ社会をさらに正常化から遠ざける からです。




われわれの不信感や批判が、人種差別と誤解されることもありますが、第三国の方にはその前に韓国の "

ヘイト教育こそレイシズム教育であり、意識的にかどうかは別として、日本人は結局は憎悪と レイシズムから自分たちを守っているに過ぎないからです。


追伸 上記訳の一部はNC氏にしていただいたものです、どうもありがとうございました。

(4/20)追伸2 こんなことを書いた直後に、オークランド・オイコス神学大学での銃乱射での7人が死亡し3人がけがを負う事件が起こりました。

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