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200,000 comfort women for US Army



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"Yong Ju Gol", comfort women for US Army have much longer history than comfort women for Japanese Army. Then unlike comfort women for Japanese Army, "Yong Ju Gol" are considered to have numbered over 200,000!

But we can see "over 200,000" on the comfort woman for Japanese Army statue. If someone must use "over 200,000", he(she) should use correct country name and correct date in the light of true history. This inscription  should also be corrected.

Then Korean government and some American politicians should pay compensation and apologize for "their" comfort women as they have asked Japanese government. They must be responsible for their word.

要 約:

洋公主すなわち米軍慰安婦は、日本軍慰安婦と違い、その歴史の長さから20万人以上いたと考えられて います。




1. Who are "more than 200,000 Comfort women?

We can often hear incredible "experiences" from "comfort women for Japanese Army" as already noticed. They look like they have seen helicoptors and jeeps in Japanese Army during WWII. They also look like they have witnessed Japanese solders have gotten the Christmas holidays. But such experiences are just predictable ones if they had been comfort women for US Army.

When a "comfort women" related her experience to a French media in 2013, she coughed up "In Korean War days...".

Additionally we can also explain why some of "comfort women" were too young at the time of WWII. At least some of them were comfort women for US Army. It is more reasonable to think so.

The history of comfort women for US Army is over half-century long. The women involved has already numbered in significant number. A professor of Hiroshima university named Choe Kilsung estimates the number of comfort women for US Army in Korea at  30 hundreds of thousands from 25 hundreds of thousands till 1990("Sexual assaults and prostitution by UN force during Korean War").

When their compensation claims will be expanded, this may develop into much larger issue than comfort women for Japanese Army.

At this time comfort women for US Army claims against Korean government, but it is just a matter of time before they inquire into the responsibilityturn of US government.
There were only a few common informers five years ago(on NY Times (January 2009)). But now 122 complainants have appeared. Aftertime how many complainants will appear?

I want to point out one more thing.

2. Correct the inscription! Be responsible for your words!  

There are the letters of "more than 200,000 .. women" in the inscription on comfort women's statue at Glendale as if it had been an irrefutable fact of history. This figure of 200,000 does not have any basis but also outstrips the reality. Anyone who has normal intellectual ability is forced to acknowledge this by right. Because the number of overseas Japanese soldiers(army) were only 3,000,000 even at the end of WWII. This figure includes disabled soldiers and soldiers on the road. However the irresponsible politicians of USA likes to quote this figure. They want to use "more than 200,000" no matter what. Do they think "a few thousand" or "tens of thousands" is underwhelming?

In the meantime a councilwoman of Glendale, who cooperated for erecting comfort woman statue, said "… look at this monument(comfort woman statue) not as a blame or shame to any nation, but to remind us that war has consequences,"( on Glendale News-Press(July 2013)).

Then it would be simple. Anyone who wants to use "more than 200,000" only have to talk about "Yong Ju Gol", comfort women for US Army instead. Anyone doesn't think it's an exaggeration to say that they have reached into more than 200,000. The politicians can give vivid speeches about women's human rights and horrors of war. It is not necessary to change "more than 200,000" in the inscription. It is only necessary that the rest part will be changed for "Yong Ju Gol" instead. But now I will talk this figure may be in the right. However, I don't mean comfort women Japanese Army. 
However the irresponsible politicians of USA quote this figure many times.

1. 「二十万人以上の慰安婦」とは誰のことか?

前に書きましたが、自称元日本軍慰安婦にはしばしば 荒唐無稽な「体験談」が見られます。彼女らは、第二次世界大戦の日本軍の中でヘリコプターやジープを見たり、 日本軍兵士がクリスマス休暇をとっていたりしたらしいのです。しかし、これらの経験は、 米軍慰安婦だったとすればありきたりな体験談になるのです。

ある元慰安婦は、2013年のフランスのメディアの取材において 自らの体験を「朝鮮戦争のとき・・」と口を滑らせました。

さらに第二次世界大戦当時の彼女らの年齢が時に若すぎることも同様に説明がつきます。少なくとも彼女らの 一部は、米軍慰安婦であったと考えた方が合理的です。

米軍慰安婦の歴史は実に半世紀以上に渡ります。関わった女性もかなりの人数になります。 崔吉城(チェ・キルソン)という広島大の教授は1990年までに韓国における米軍相手の婦は25万から30万にのぼったとしています。 (「朝鮮戦争における国連軍の性暴行と売春」)。

彼女らの賠償請求が一大訴訟に 発展した 場合、その数から、日本軍慰安婦の比ではない相当大きな問題に発展する可能性があります。

5年前告発者はわずか数人に過ぎませんでした(NYTimes 2009年1月)。現在122人の原告が現れました。 今後何人の原告が現れるのでしょうか?


2. 碑文を修正し、言葉の責任をとれ!

グレンデール市の慰安婦の碑文には「20万人」の慰安婦というものが疑うべくもない歴史的事実であるかのように書かれています。 この数字は根拠がなく、また海外の日本兵の数(大戦末期でもせいぜい300万人、傷病兵、移動中の兵も含む)から真実とほど遠いことは、 まともな知的能力のある人なら認めざるを得ないところであります。 しかしながら米国の無責任な政治家たちはこの数字を好んで引用します。数千人や数万人では迫力に欠けるんでしょうか?どうしても この数字は外せないようです。

一方、グレンデール市の慰安婦像建立に協力した女性議員は 「少女像(慰安婦像)は特定の国の名誉を傷つけたり責めたりするのではなく、戦争がもたらしたものを 想起させる像として見てほしい」と発言しています(2014年7月、Glendale News-Press)。

ならば話は簡単です。「20万人以上」を使いたければ、代わりに洋公主、米軍用慰安婦の話をすればいいのです。 累計20万人以上と言っても誰も誇張とは思いません。女性の人権、戦争のもたらす弊害について迫力のある話ができることで しょう。また碑文の"20万人以上"はそのままで米軍慰安婦の内容に換えればいいのです!



((Current inscription))
In memory of more than 200,000 Asian and Dutch women who were removed from their homes in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, East Timor and Indonesia, to be coerced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Armed Army of Japan between 1932 and 1945. 

((Proposed revision))
In memory of more than 200,000 Asian and South American women who were removed from their home town in North Korea, Korea, Philippines, Russia, Bolivia, Peru, Mongolian, China, Bangladesh, Kirghiz, Uzbekistan and others to be coerced or trafficked into sexual slavery by Korean government from 1951. 

(I made this draft based on various documents. For example, "to be coerced" depends on the article on NYT(2009.1.8) and others.)

「1923 年から 1945 年にかけて、20 万人以上の


(この記載に関しては様々な資料を基に作成しています。例えば「強制的に性奴隷にされた」というのは 2009年1月8日のNYT記事もソースの一部です。)

  As I mentioned earlier, the history of comfort women for US Army is over half-century long. It is much more likely that their total number reached "MORE THAN 200,000".

Korean government should do what they have asked Japan to do at once. It is much the same for the US politicians who have give countenance to "comfort women".

Royce, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee stated following about comfort women problem. "..  to get the past right. Those here recognize that confronting this issue is the right thing to do."

Now is the time for action. He should demonstrate what he said by his action! He should begin to discuss how US government should apologize and make reparation for comfort women for US Army at the committee and the House.

韓国政府は、日本に求めてきたことをただちに実行するべきです。米国で慰安婦の味方をしてきた政治家たちも 同様です。


「…過去を正しく認めること。ここにいる私たちは、この問題に 正しく向き合うべきであることを理解しています。」

この言葉が、真実であることを今こそ行動で証明すべきです! 委員会や下院で謝罪と賠償をどのようにすべきか ただちに議論を始めていただきたい。

Creator : Akihabara Naoki